" We could not be more pleased with Nurture And Nature.  The teachers are warm and caring as well as organized and professional.  We have seen tremendous growth in our daughter's development, both academically and emotionally.  She is now in her second year and is excited to go to school everyday.  She takes pride in her accomplishments and enjoys sharing her experiences with us.  N&N provides a nourishing environment wherein children can reach their full potential."

- Kelly and Gary Fayaud, (parents of N&N graduate)


"All 3 of our children have attended Nurture and Nature.  Our oldest has since graduated and we wish we found Nurture and Nature sooner for her!  It is a fantastic school with the best teachers!  From day 1, the teachers at Nurture and Nature have tailored their program to address each individual child's social/emotional and academic needs.  We will be sad when all of our children eventually graduate from N&N, but luckily, we still have another full year to go!"

- Miky and Julia Kuo


As a mother, I couldn't have chosen a better educational experience for my children. Nurture and Nature has instilled a love of learning in my children at such a young age. I have total peace of mind that they are being supported as well as challenged to be the very best they can be. Nurture and Nature looks at the whole child using a variety of activities to address the different learning styles found within their classroom. They deliver an unbelievable report on each kid outlining the individual goals set for each child. Their home-school connection keeps the family well-informed and ensures that the parent is part of the learning process as well.As an educator, I am constantly amazed at the variety of strategies they use within their classroom. They set high expectations for their students and give them the support they need to achieve success. They not only prepare their students academically but also socially with their focus on language and independent problem solving. These are skills that will carry them throughout their lives.I feel so fortunate to be a part of the Nurture and Nature family. I can only hope that the future educational experiences of my children are as wonderful as their years at Nurture and Nature.

- Annette Navarro (mother and educator in Millbrae)


“We are very very grateful that both our daughters were enrolled at N&N.  Amelia, my younger one, knew no English when she started the Preschool. Being in an English environment with people she first met, she felt scared and uncertain at the very beginning.  Teachers spared no effort in calming her down, helping her in every way to get used to the new environment, teaching her English word by word and correcting her behavior with great patience. Amelia has made huge progress since coming to N&N. Now she loves going to school and frequently uses English words in her daily life. N&N is the best!”

- Shasha and Deng (parents of graduate and current student)


(As printed in Bay Area Parent)  “By far the best preschool I have ever seen or experienced is Nurture And Nature in Millbrae.  Not only do they do an awesome job academically, but also socially.  They promote good behavior, structure, health – anything you can think of is covered at this school.”
- Maha Yaser-Shihadih (mother of a N&N graduate)

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