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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
​Preschool Class

The Preschool program at Nurture and Nature consists of one classroom of approximately 16 children and two lead teachers providing a 1:8 ratio.  The class is taught by Erin Jermyn, Co-Owner, and co-lead teacher, Iana Crawford.  Children in this class must be three years of age and toilet trained by September 1 of the desired enrollment year.  This classroom provides opportunities for students to have both structured and unstructured activities throughout the day.  Emphasis is placed on increasing personal responsibility and independence, expanding effective language and increasing social competence.  In addition, progress is tracked in cognitive and motor development.  The Preschool program provides the stepping stones for the Pre-Kindergarten class and beyond.

Pre-Kindergarten Class

The Pre-Kindergarten program at Nurture And Nature consists of one group of students who utilize two classrooms for added space, grouping opportunities and flexibility.  Class size is 24-25 students with three lead teachers, providing an approximate 1:8-1:9 ratio.  The Pre-K class is taught by Shannon McGee, Co-Owner,  Kaitlyn McGee, Assistant Director and Taryn Finnegan, all head teachers. 
The student makeup for this class is not decided solely on chronological age, but on individual development, previous school experience and when the child will begin Kindergarten.  Each year, the Pre-K class is comprised of students who will be returning to the class for a second year, children moving up from the younger Preschool class and new students to Nurture And Nature. Expectations are raised for these students in the areas of social competence, peer to peer problem solving, language, academic readiness and self-help skills.

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