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Image by Debby Hudson

Direct Donation

Nurture And Nature is grateful to have the opportunity to teach and care for the students in our community.  You can help us continue to provide a safe and stimulating environment for our students with a direct monetary donation using the above "Donate" link.  100% of funds received through direct donation will be used to fund family events, classroom supplies and classroom visitors.  Because of this annual fundraiser, families do not pay additional fees for extracurricular activities like semiannual soccer sessions, puppet shows, musical guests, ceramics, yoga classes, nature organization visits and more...



Discount School Supply catalogue is every preschool’s go-to store for school toys, activities, furniture and for replenishing arts & crafts. Their wishlist program, Wishing Well™, is the simple, easy way for teachers to raise donations for vital school supplies and receive them fast!

Thank goodness for the quick delivery of Amazon Prime.  There is no greater convenience for teachers when they have an idea for their students and are able receive the materials to implement within a few days.  There seems to be no end to what you can find on Amazon and this Amazon Wishlist will help the students of Nurture And Nature maximize their potential (and their enjoyment) while at school.



Thank you so much for your generosity and support

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