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Shop a beautiful collection of items that are good for you, good for the planet and good for Nurture And Nature.  When using the link below, our school will receive 40% of your purchase price.  Enjoy eco-conscious, seasonally designed and sustainably sourced items that you can gift for the holidays or use yourself all year round!

But don't wait, the Boon Supply fundraiser ends December 18, 2020 so start your holiday shopping NOW!

Direct Monetary Donation

Nurture And Nature is grateful to have the opportunity to teach and care for the students in our community.  You can help us continue to provide a safe and stimulating environment for our students with a direct monetary donation using the link below.  100% of funds received through direct donation will be used to purchase items from each class' wishlist as well as go towards our on-going playground improvement.  Here are a few of the items that will be purchased with these funds:

Playground Improvements

sandbox refill, mud kitchen path pavers, plants to create a succulent garden and toy storage boxes


Pre-Kindergarten Class Wishlist

Student favorites like dinosaurs, ropes and people figures along with some outdoor equipment (chairs, tub stands, sensory trays) to improve the outdoor classroom area


Preschool Class Wishlist

Furniture to expand outdoor learning in our backyard

Two ways to support Nurture And Nature STUDENTS 



of $10,000




Thank you to all who contributed to this astounding fundraising event! 

You have exceeded our expectations. 

The students of N&N will benefit from your thoughtfulness and generosity! 

We are so grateful!

-Shannon and Erin-

Thank you so much for your generosity and support

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